I am back..

After a long break I am back again to my passion of writing. I am here to make some pen friends and share my views about anything and everything.. also if you want me to write on some topic please let me know.. I would love to hear suggestions, appreciation and criticism.

I will try to publish blogs weekly now.

Thank you


Do you LOVE many of them? Seriously?

In this era brimming with automation, evolution, alternatives and choices, often we run into people dating, loving, adoring or fond of numerous people. Keeping all of them in dark fearing their departure.

My mind churns out, is it even feasible?
Is it even viable to feel intensely, madly, passionately for multiple ?
Do not confuse love with some sexual excitement, attraction, lust or infatuation. Love is lot more than estrogen and testosterone.

Love is the winks, smiles and blushes, the eyegaze, butterflies, secrets, promises, friendship and fights, warm hugs and cuddles, sharing the last pizza bites, moreover a journey.

May be people proclaiming to love multiple do not love any one of them because being in love with a person necessitates your commitment and loyalty. Being in true love your partner becomes peerless, flirtatious and captivating. Their charm never gets out of your mind.

Undoubtedly it is not feasible to find all the attributes in a single person, but that does not allow u to ride on multi relationship. Accept them with their flaws is love because you also are not diamond studded.

Johnny Depp quoted –

“if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”

So my dear acquaintances who are multi dating, contemplate over this because who knows…even you are being multi dated..??

Not All Boys Are The Same

Every moment i spot the men in my life, i contemplate , is the cliche “ALL BOYS ARE THE SAME” valid ?
Generalizing our perception about men shall be injustice to all other males in this world. Because they are being judged without getting an opportunity of defending themselves. When a girl leaves us in emotional turmoil, we never conclude that “All girls are the same” because we are acquainted with our flair.

Men may be abusers or rescuers, flamboyant or modest, mild or wild, benevolent or ungenerous, orator or audience, feminist or sexist, traitor or loyalist. Some might pull a chair for us while some prey for a glance of our body.

A father and a brother are like a sheild who preserve us from the adverse. Male friends might pull our leg but are equipped on the go to assist us on a single phone call. Life partners never fail to keep their promises.

Assigning a gender to something erroneous occurred with you is unrighteousness. Weaving all fresh and rotten flowers in the same garland even diminishes the fragrance of aromatic flowers.

Nevertheless all my male acquaintances are on their duty from dawn to dark to manifest that “ALL BOYS ARE NOT THE SAME